Why Type 1 Diabetic people get tired easily ?

type 1 diabetes get tried easily

Type 1 diabetic patients have this complain most of the time. They feel tired or fatigue and they can’t even do their daily works. It leads them to just go to bed and sleep and sleep and sleep. The causes for fatigue in diabetes have identified by researchers and those are, Changes in blood glucose […]

The Best Time to Start Dialysis in Diabetic

when to start dialysis in diabetes

You may be wondering that when to start dialysis in diabetes. Also you may have hard time on deciding that. As your doctor’s opinion you might be thinking about doing it now. Or you may think that starting dialysis later. Therefore it’s better to get an proper idea about when to start dialysis. The dialysis […]

Is Diabetes Debilitating ? The most important NCD in 21st century

is diabetes debilitating

The answer to where diabetes is a debilitating disease is yes, it is. Without a doubt every scientists and clinicians are agreed with this statement. But it doesn’t say that every person who has diabetes is debilitated. There are people who live happily without serious health problems. It all depends on how severe your diabetes […]

Is Diabetes contagious? Top reveal about myths

is diabetes contagious

The short answer is No, it’s not possible. Scientists have proven that there is not a slight chance of transmitting diabetes from one person to another. By the disease category diabetes includes in non communicable diseases. That means it doesn’t spread by human or animal contacts. The reason people are thinking that the disease is […]

Best Foot Care Procedure for Diabetes

foot care of diabetic patient

Diabetes is a multi systemic disease which affects your whole body. It breaks the continuity of body systems gradually ultimately leading to death or chronically debilitating situation. Foot problems are one of the main complications diabetic patients are facing, but also addressing in very little. Following the correct foot care procedure in Diabetes has proven […]