Melatonin : can it cure the COVID19 ?

can melatonin cure COVID19

Melatonin, a natural hormone secretes from pineal gland has been identified as a good option to control the COVID19. Although the studies are in it’s early stages there is a hope that it can control the COVID19 effectively. There are certain properties that the drug has which we discuss later can improve the patient condition […]

What is the ‘ Flattening the Curve ‘ and how it works in the Corona Pandemic ?

It basically means same number of infections. But it happens long period of time. Epidemiological units made this Curve. It gives an idea about how a number of infections rise within time. Flattening the curve reduce the burden to health sector. It worked in Spanish Flu at 1918. ” Flattening the Curve “ you may be […]

Stress management in a Pandemic

We know this period is stressful to most of you. Fear and anxiety may have cover all your feelings. Whether you are a adult or child it’s same. But it’s important you to be strong these days. Help your family to be strong. Stress management is very important for all of us proceed our daily works. Make your […]