Stress management in a Pandemic

We know this period is stressful to most of you. Fear and anxiety may have cover all your feelings. Whether you are a adult or child it’s same. But it’s important you to be strong these days. Help your family to be strong. Stress management is very important for all of us proceed our daily works.

  • Make your mind first.
  • Help others to manage stress.
  • Give a good attention to your children. 
  • Stress management of health care personnel.
  • What to do after you released from quarantine?

Reaction to stress is differ from person to person. But this is a special situation. There are specific group of people who are more stressful.

Who have more stress these days ?

  • Children. 
  • Old people and people with health conditions. 
  • Health care personnel include doctors, nurses. 
  • People with mental health issues. 

CDC also specifically mentioned that people with mental health issues have to continue their medications. Otherwise condition can be worse.

What can you get these days ?

  • Fear about your own health and health of your loved ones. 
  • Changes in eating patterns or reduced appetite. 
  • Changes in sleep pattern.
  • If you use alcohol or tobacco, you may be using these very frequently. 
  • Worsen your long standing health problems. 
manage stress during pandemic
Street management

What can we do ?

1. Make your mind first.

Unless you can’t help your loved ones. Because they need you. How can you do this ?

  • It’s very distressing to hear about pandemic always. You can take breaks. Watch, Listen, Read to new stories.
  • Never forget about your body care. Exercise, take a good sleep, eat healthy, meditate, avoid alcohol.
  • Don’t stick to same activities. Change your routine. 
  • Talk with others, share stories. Forget your hard feelings.

2. Help others to make their minds.

Yes.. this is a good method to forget your own problems as well. Sometimes they may be stressed due to wrong information. Share information with others, help them to make their minds.

3. Give a good attention to your Children 

Children are more like look and learn. They watch how you react to this situation. If you can act calm and confident, our children can handle this also.

What are the changes in Children?

Not all children react same. They may be having following behaviours. 

  • Irritability 
  • Excessive crying 
  • Poor sleep
  • Changes in eating patterns.
  • Returning to outgrown behaviours like bedwetting. 
  • Avoid playful activities they did past.
  • Headaches and body pains that can’t be explained. 

What can you do for them ?

  • Talk with them about the disease. Answer their questions. Clear their thoughts. 
  • Reassure your child. Tell them they are safe. Teach them about coping methods to deal with stress.
  • Don’t let them to misinterpret what news says. 
  • Try to maintain their daily routine. Even their schools are closed, teach them. You can be a good teacher in these days.
  • Be their role model. Be their hero.
care our children in pandemic
child care

4. Stress management of Health care Personnel

Yes.. you are going through a hell of feelings these days. But important thing is keep your mind strong. 

  • Get to know about Secondary Traumatic Stress ( STS ) reaction. 
  • Keep attention about physical symptoms like fatigue and mental symptoms like fear, withdrawal, guilt. 
  • Allow time to recover you.
  • Never forget your personal care. Otherwise you will be sick.
  • Never hesitate to ask help if you feel overwhelmed. 

5. For people released from isolation 

You may be going through whole lots of things in your mind. Like,

  • Fear and worry about your own health and your loved ones. 
  • Stress after experiencing monitoring procedures. 
  • Sadness and frustration. Because your loved ones and friends have unfounded fear. They may think that they are also exposed. 
  • Guilt about work time loss and loss of responsibilities as a parent.

No one near by you can’t imagine what you feels now. So be strong. Use coping methods as explained.

healthy mind
healthy mind

” A strong mind makes a strong body “ – Thomas Jefferson 

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