Rib subluxation : Identify and Treat Slipping Rib Syndrome

a young man with rib subluxation

Rib cage is the bony structure that protects our internal organs in chest region. Lungs, heart, aorta, oesophagus and main other important structures are included in thoracic area which are protected by rib cage. Rib cage is a moveable structure which moves with breathing and moving. What is rib subluxation ? Rib subluxation is misalignment […]

Recovery time of a sprained wrist and How to heal it faster ?

recover faster from wrist sprain

Sprained wrists are so common. In every age groups we can see incidents with sprained wrists. From children who run here and there to elders who slipped and fall have very common this. Young people gets this due to sports like basketball, gymnastics and other contact sports. When it happens next thing comes to your […]

How to Identify and Treat Sprained Wrist ?

identify and treat sprained wrist

You might had wrist sprain at anytime in your life. It may be due to a sport or an accident. But the pain and immobility of the wrist surely has limited you from your daily tasks. The pain may had last even for several weeks. A wrist joint has a complex structure which help to […]