Secrets to be a Good Breastfeeding Mom

Are you a mom who just have a baby ? Or are you in your pregnancy period ? Or you may be planning to be pregnant. Anyway you have to accept having a little one is the best thing in your life as a woman. If you are reading this article as a mom who raised a child, you may accept this. We know this period is very troublesome. You are lacking of time to eat, sleep, take a bath, wash your clothes. Yes your schedules become totally out of control. But there’s no second thoughts it’s a amazing period of time that every women can go through in lifetime.

So how you go through this period less stressful? There are few things that few mothers knew before they had a baby. And they had awesome, wonderful time on breastfeeding period. Let’s see what are these steps ?

Plan your lactation period early

Never enter into breastfeeding period without a plan. Because it may be late when you noticed. Your main goal is feeding the baby. But you can’t ignore your personal hygiene, your health, your foods. So how to plan ?

Talk with your partner

Are you planning to have a baby ? Is your partner is dedicated enough for this ? Unless your partner is not ready for this, you have to go through very difficult time. Talk with your partner. Take this decision after discussing both of you.

You need a helping hand

You can’t go through this period without a helpful partner. Unless you are very good at stress management, you need a helping hand. It doesn’t mean your spouse need to be with you always. This helping hand can be your friend, a family member or a neighbour. They can wash your clothes or even taking care of the baby. This will give you a time to sleep, take a bath.

Make the environment safe for baby

If you see around the room you can see there are lot of harmful things. Sharp objects, plug points, even untidy clothes can be harmful. Therefore make your place is safe to the baby. It will reduce the extra burden to you.

Pregnacy is a different road not a difficult road.
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Attend to breastfeeding practicing programs

If you are a new mom to be, this is a whole new experience. You may get nervous and anxious. You may think how to breastfeed the baby. In pregnancy period you may be hearing that breastfeeding is the most important thing to your child. You need to give the best to your baby. There’s no doubt about that. All these things may increse your anxiety more.

So what you can do is increase your knowledge about breastfeeding. You can read articles, books or watch youtube videos. There are lot of good programs in hospitals or holding by NGOs. Attend to those. Practice the technique. This will reduce your anxiety. And you become confident enough to manage the situation.

Talk with other moms

This is one of the best thing you can do. Whether it’s a friend or neighbour it doesn’t matter. It’s much better if it’s old lady who gave birth to 3 or 4 children. Because they know what are the challenges you have to face. And how to manage this period very well. Isn’t it better to talk with a person who has gone the same road your about to go. Yes it is. And the old ladies, never underestimate their knowledge. From the experience they know what are the less stressful methods. Talk with them. Get help from them. You will be happy and confident.

The First milk after Birth

There’s no doubt that breastfeeding within first hour after baby have lot to effects. Colostrum the medical term used for this. This contains lots of proteins, fat, immunoglobulins which help baby to fight with bacteria and viruses. This is the time you feels that amazing mother – baby bond. This is the time your mind get filled with lots of joy like winning the most prestigious thing in the world. Never miss the moment.

Breastfeeding strengthen mother - baby bond
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Practice proper breastfeeding technique

Doctors have identified there are special steps in correct breastfeeding. Correct means this gives less burden to mom and satisfactory feeding to baby. What are those ?

Breastfeed in a calm and quiet place

Because feeding time is the time your baby binds with you. If there are lot of distractions around you like television, factory noises, etc you can’t concentrate about baby. Even baby is also distracted and his tummy may not filled enough.

Start breastfeeding in a seated position

Earlier doctors recommend an easy position for mom. So most moms suits feed in the bed. But danger is feeding in lying down position, as you also exhausted you may go into sleep. So your breast can block the baby’s airways and cause serious issues. So now recommended method is seated position.

Allow the baby to put whole areola in the mouth

Sucking only from nipple makes less milk secretion. Your breast milk secrets because of the sucking gives a stimulation to your brain. And brain hormones ( oxytocin ) allow to secrete milk. Areola has lot of stimulating receptors which ultimately gives lot of milk to baby.

Never allows the baby to suck only areola

You may think this is same as above. Yes, But there a difference. As you know sucking only from nipple hives less milk to baby. So he tend to suck it longer period. This is one common trouble that moms are facing. And sad thing is baby tend to bite your nipples also. Even they has no teeth this bites are more than enough to have to cracked nipples. And ultimately gives breast abscesses.

Switch breasts in each time

Don’t breastfeed from one breast every time. This can cause collection of milk in other breast. Unless you squeeze and empty it, this breast gradually become less useful for feeding. So give a rest for a breast in each time.

How to know the baby is fed enough?

Lactating mom’s main problem is this. Because of this can’t identify correctly moms are suffering. Because they think baby haven’t get enough food. And baby also suffers. Because mom tend to wake the baby frequently for feeding. So baby can’t have enough sleep. So how to know this ? There are 3 simple ways.

  • It’s only need 10 -15 minutes to feed a baby to have full tummy. But only if mom follows correct technique of breastfeeding.
  • Baby sleep about 2 -3 hours after feeding if he had enough. Baby will not cry intermittently. And you will have time for yourself as well.
  • Baby peeing about 5 -7 times per day if had enough milk. Yes this is not a good news for you as you may need to wash all these. But peeing well is a good sign of feed well.

Never Forget Yourself

Most moms hardly think about themselves these period. This is actually bad. Keep in mind if you are healthy, your baby will be healthy.

Take an adequate sleep

You may have no time to sleep as usual. But atleast 4 -5 hours of sleep is must for a mom. Less sleep makes you exhausted. It causes less attention your giving to the baby. Your anxiety level goes up and ultimately you may end up as depressed. So never forget your sleep. Feed your child properly and he will sleep about 3 hours. Keep him a safe place and take a good nap. Or get a help from others.

Maintain your personal hygiene

Don’t forget to wash yourself and clothes. Yes it’s an extra work. But if you get caught with an infection your baby will lost mom’s care. Even baby can get infected. So make a routine. Allocate some time for yourself as well.

Have a good diet

Always think if you eat healthy your baby will be healthy. And never loss your meals. You may not have proper meal schedule. But when you got a relief eat healthy foods. Don’t go for fast foods these days. Eat fresh.

Breastfeeding is so beautiful
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Have Fun

Breastfeeding is an amazing experience. Enjoy it. Watch how your baby grow. You can identify day by day baby learn new things. It’s very pleasant to watch. Your baby is growing. Always think because of you the baby become a healthy and active child. Appraise your dedication.

You will be a great mom

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