A concise guide for healthy eating plans

Balanced diet is one of the main components of healthy lifestyle. Dietary guidelines for Americans 2015-2020 suggests healthy eating plan. It includes the foods you avoid and food you accept. 

  • Use fruits, vegetables, whole grain, low fat milk or milk products.
  • Add lean meat, fish, poultry, beans and eggs.
  • Consume low salt and low sugar.
  • Maintain your daily calorie need.

Steps for Healthy Eating Plan

Make your plate a Rainbow 

This means including foods with various colours. Dark green, yellow and orange are colours rich with Vitamins, Minerals and Fibers. Onions, spices and omlets can improve the plate and your appetite. 

Canned Food in Fresh

You already know fruits are one of best choice. What if there is off season. Yep… Canned foods are the choice for this. You can have any fruit as you like at anytime. But always consider there are no sugar or syrup in those canned foods. Choose foods included in water or their own juice.

The same principle applied for vegetables. You can have vegetables you love. Only need microwave. 

Calcium rich Foods

You may think about supplements when it says Calcium. But you can have your Calcium supply only by milk and milk products. But keep in mind it must low fat and low sugar. There are lots of milk products like Yogurt, Butter, etc.

Use New Recipes with Low Fat

Old method of eating meat and fish is frying. But it gives much more fat into body. So try baking and grilling. So you can have your favourite meats with new taste and texture. 

New Recipes with Low Fat for healthy eating
Image by silviarita from Pixabay

So will this stop you eating your favourite foods ?

You may be heard that you have to stop old foods. But it’s NOT TRUE. Healthy eating means balanced eating. So you don’t need to avoid old foods you love.

But you have to follow these few steps for your health. You can eat your old foods like this.

  • Eat them less frequently. You can eat them once a week or month. So you can cut the calories with eating your loved foods.
  • Eat in smaller quantities. Practice these every day as a daily routine. If you previous ate a whole chocolate now you can eat a piece of it.
  • Use new methods to make low calorie versions. You may ate with lot of fat, macaroni, cheese and butter. But now you can try low fat products to make foods. 

So you can think that now, it’s no need strict restrictions. Now you can eat what you need and live healthy life.

new methods to make low calorie versions
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