20 Proven Ways to Weight Loss by Diet

  • You can reduce weight significantly just with the diet.
  • Only need few alterations in your meals.
  • New researches clarify myths we had earlier. 
  • These methods are safe even for older people.

Losing weight, yes it may be the greatest burden to you. Or you are thinking about your recent weight gain. But the main restriction for that may be your lifestyle. You might stay away from gym. Because of your works or family.

But do you know there is a 20 amazing ways to reduce weight. And the best thing is you don’t even go to a gym. Just follow this simple steps.

1. Plan where you Eat.

Yes. Think this. There are places that you can control the amount of food and type of food. It may be your home or work place or familiar restaurant. What ever you need to have a more control to avoid high calorie foods.

Try to eat at your place
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2. Plan your Grocery list

Actually your weight gain or weight loss start at this point. You may prepare food for one, two or four. It doesn’t matter. Make wise decisions regarding the thing you need to buy. Go for low calorie foods every possible time. 

3. Plan your Snacks 

The foods you eat in between main meals have a huge effect on your weight. You need to give an attention about about snacks. The best possible thing is avoid as much as possible. Because anyway it’s an extra amount of calorie. But it’s difficult in most of the time. So you can use fruits, fresh vegetables, low fat milk products. Keep in mind, avoid FAST FOODS.

4. Take a High Protein Breakfast

It not just gives you protein. It has an amazing effect over reduce craving for high calorie diet. This last through whole day. What can you use as a high protein foods ?.

Whole Eggs

Eggs are great foods. It contains not only proteins. But also it’s yolk has a whole lot of Vitamins and Minerals stock. It consider as a nutrient dense food. Yes. It can increase the amount of bad cholesterol in body. But this occurs in some people. So now you not need to fear about high cholesterol from eggs. A study shows that eating eggs for breakfast reduce your cravings for food for next 36 hours

Lean Meat and Chicken Breast

Some people may not like this. But the truth is increasing daily protein intake by 25% reduces your cravings for food upto 60%. And studies show that eating red meat reduce your cravings for late night snack by half. Actually processed meat is bad. But red meat has only mild risk for cancer. And it’s only for men also. Eating red meat can cut down your calorie about 80- 100 per dayIt can reduce your weight atleast one pound per week.

Eggs are good substitutes for low calorie foods
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5. Eat Leafy Greens 

Leafy greens has few properties to reduce weight.

  • Low calorie. – the small amount of carbohydrates. in it make them a good food as low calorie
  • High fiber – fibers can increase the size of your food. It reduces craving for food. And fibers can reduce the rate of absorption of carbohydrates. So the calories coming from other ways also reduces. 
  • Antioxidants – antioxidants are the calorie bunner in your body. More antioxidants means more calories are burnt. 

6. Eat Fatty Fish 

Salmon, Mackerel, Trout, Sardines, Herrings are the main fatty fish we can buy in market. By name they have large amount of fat and also proteins. This gives you less calories to body. And omega 3 fatty acids in these fish reduce the body inflammation process. It ultimately reduce your obesity. And the iodine in it is important for good thyroid function. This maintain your body’s metabolism. 

7. Boiled Potatoes 

Boiled potatoes have less attention in losing weight. But it has so many advantages. It contains large amounts of nutrients. Especially it is rich in Potassium which reduce your blood pressure. Boiled and cooled potatoes rich in complex starch which act same as fibers in the body.

boiled potatoes are good for weight loss
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8. Beans and Legumes 

Lentils, Black beans, Kidney beans are few of them. Beans and Legumes include proteins and fibers in high amounts. It gives you fullness and prevent you eating more. But the problem with legumes is some people have problem with tolerating them. It can be avoided by proper preparation of them.

9. Diary Products

If you are thinking about high protein, low fat, high calcium food, this is the best choice. Best of them is Cottage cheese.  But low fat yogurts also have amazing contribution for weight loss. It gives you fullness and at the end of the day your calorie intake is low.

10. Fruits

Yes, it contains sugar. But most of those natural sugar absorbs slowly due to fibers in fruits. Experts are now considering fruits as a good weight loss friendly food. 

Avocado draws the spotlight in here. It has lot of healthy fat which is monounsaturated oleic acid. Same as olive oil. If you eat it with other vegetables it can increase absorption of antioxidants from vegetables upto 15 time more than normal.

Avocado has lot of healthy fat
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11. Nuts

Yes it contains fairly high amounts of fat. But it’s a good choice as a snack. Researchers say that people who eat nuts regularly have good health compared with who don’t. But if you are a binge eater, it’s better to avoid nuts. Unless it gives unwanted health issues.

12. Whole Grains 

If you are tolerable, the whole grains are good choice for weight loss. In the past it got some bad reputation but researchers show that oats and brown rice are rich in fibers and helps to increase your metabolism also. But you should avoid refined grain. Although some packages labelled as whole grain you should carefully look for that.

13. Coconut Oil

It’s true coconut oils contain high amounts of fat. But without adding extra oil you can replace with already using oil. Researchers identified that the medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil can improve the satiety than other oils. And also it helps to reduce belly fat.

coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids to lose weight
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14. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar gets more and more attention recently. Researchers showed that taking vinger with meals can reduce your daily calorie intake upto 200 -275 calories per day. 

A 12 weeks study with group of obese people shows that taking 10-15ml of vinegar per day can reduce body weight upto 1.7 kg. 

Apple cider vinegar can also reduce blood sugar going up after a meal.

15. Avoid Sugary drinks and Fruit Juices 

According to researchers this is the most fat gaining thing in your foods. It gives a lot of calories in a very small time. So the body can’t tolerate them. Body tries to deposit those in cells and ultimately cause accumulation of fat. But you may be thinking what is wrong with fruit juices ?. Compared with fruits and fruit juices, the juice making process includes a lot of breaking the fibers in fruits. And sometimes we add extra sugar to it. So fruit juices actually has no value compared with eating fruits. 

16. Drink Water before meals

Researchers showed that drinking about 500ml of water 30 minutes before every meal can reduce your food intake. And it can increase weight loss in 44% within 3 months. 

17. Drink Coffee or Tea

The Caffeine is a good fat burner in body. Studies announced that caffeine can boost your body metabolism and burn fat faster.

caffaine is good for lose weight
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18. Eat Slowly 

Slow eating can improve satiety and it gives time to act weight reducing hormones. Studies showed that eating slower can reduce your BMI and waist circumference. 

19. Intermittent Fasting 

It’s like you are restricting allowed time to eat. It reduces daily calorie intake. It’s a proven method as effective. Studies shows that this method can gives you upto 8% weight loss within 3 -24 weeks of time. There are several methods people are practicing and consider as effective. This strategy causes reduce blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, good for brain health and act as anti-aging method also.

20. Weigh yourself 

This is a proven method that people who measure their weights every day has less weight gain than others who don’t. They tend to maintain their weight. Because they are able to detect and act quickly before extra weight become a problem. 

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