Keep Your Children Healthy in Corona Pandemic

  • Children have no higher risk than adults.
  • Protect your children from getting sick.
  • School can be a major source of infection.
  • Limit contact with older adults and people with serious illnesses.

Our children’s safe is the most important thing. As a parent you may worry about how to keep your children safe and healthy during this Corona pandemic. It’s normal. Every parent has the same thoughts.

” how can I protect my child from this virus ? “. Well this will give you the answer.

Follow these to prevent Children getting sick

  • Clean hands frequently. You can use soap and water or alcohol included hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid your child contact with sick people. Especially people have cough and sneeze.
  • Daily disinfect commonly touched household places. Concern about tables, doorknobs, handles, desks, remotes, light switch, toilets.
  • Launder items. Wash items include toys, if those are washable. Follow manufacturer’s advices. Warm water is preferred if it not harmful.
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How children presents with symptoms ?

Children and adults have similar symptoms. But considering reported data, children present mainly mild symptoms. 

  • Fever
  • Runny nose
  • Cough
  • Vomiting and Diarrhoea

But still can’t say how it can affect for children with underlying illnesses. 

It’s better to seek medical advice if your child get any respiratory symptom.

Do children always need to wear face mask ?

There no need for healthy children. But it’s better make them wear one if there is a person with mild symptoms at your home.

How to have good protection in schools ?

Reduce social interactions

The key factor of spreading is social interaction. If you are a parent you know how difficult keep them away from each other. So avoid playdates with other children. 

Advice them to maintain social distance

Avoid them gathering anywhere like private or public places, restaurants, parks, houses, etc.

Clean their hands

You have to make sure your children practice good hand hygiene every day. Advice them to wash hands atleast 20 seconds. 

It’s important to keep your child in home. Gathering in large groups can make a large social spread. 

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Avoid the children getting boredom 

It’s normal. You have to teach them that. And you can do certain things to keep them active.

Keep them engage with school activities

Schools are now practicing online learning methods. It’s good. You can help their school works also. If there is any difficulty with connecting the learning, inform the school. 

Create a schedule for them

You can plan their day. From the getting up to going to bed. Include learning time, eating time and free times. 

Plan their time relevant to the age

Children’s with different ages are differ from their minds. You have to know it. And adjust routine according to that. Online meetings with friends can be a good method for older children. It keep their pack connected. But with physical distance.

Make their learning less boring

Use puzzles, drawings, handwriting and grammar practices. Even audiobooks and teaching them to start their own journal can make a huge difference. 

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Keep your child healthy 

  • Watch for any signs of illness. Symptoms of COVID19 can be mild fever, cough. But you need to stay alert. 
  • Make sure child have strong immunity. Stronger the immunity, less chance of being ill. So follow steps to make his immune system strong. 
  • Keep the child less stressful. Stress make the child more vigilant to get the illness. Yes, it will make him to go out and break social distance. And stress reduce the child’s immune system. Teach them how to be less stressful these days. It will be helpful for them in their future also.

Limit your child’s contact with older adults 

Even they may be your relatives or neighbours, keep your child away from them as much as possible. 

  • Because adults with medical conditions will have COVID19 in more severe form.
  • Adults may had contact with other people with symptoms. 

So if you have already planned to visit to see child’s grandparents, postpone it. They will understand. Send them a letter or an email. 

Consider your child’s safety above all else. Because child is your future. Stay safe. 

” Always kiss your children goodnight even if their already sleep ” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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