Is Coca Tea Addictive ?

is coca tea addictive

If you are a travel-holic and loves to travel in South America you may have drank a cup of Coca tea. Or you may have heard about Coca tea as it contains cocaine. In USA there are some restaurants offer Coca tea for their customers. It’s true that Coca tea includes cocaine. But it’s not […]

How to Dispute a False Positive Drug Test ?

how to dispute a false positive drug test

You may be an athlete, a job candidate or no one mentioned here. But you may have heard the name drug test. And you heard so many sad stories related to famous characters. They lost their whole career due to one positive drug test. But do you know at least 15% of these positive drug […]

Alcohol: a complete guide about negative effects on body

negative effects of alcohol

Alcohol is largely consumed all over the world. Most countries in the world are facing alcohol related health issues. Because of various negative effects of alcohol. Their healthcare system have an extra burden because of alcohol. Most developing countries have low efficiency in their workforce. Alcohol it self causes varies health problems like heart diseases, […]